CRIF invests in Certego with the aim of strengthening their partnership in cybersecurity and online fraud protection services

CRIF announces its entry into the share capital of Certego – a VEM Group company specialized in the development of cybersecurity platforms and services for the detection of and response to cyber attacks.

Certego is an innovative provider of cybersecurity services, characterized by a unique and exclusive business model and offering in the Italian market and by a team of analysts with many years of experience in cybersecurity.

Specifically, CRIF has acquired 10% of Certego’s capital with the aim of strengthening the long-standing partnership between the two companies, but also to make a tangible contribution to the development of highly innovative and high-performance digital services in a sector set to take on increasing importance, in Italy as well as globally.

About: Certego is the company of the VEM Sistemi Group specialised in providing managed computer security services and to contrast Cyber Crime. Set up in May 2013, with registered office in Modena, Certego is an innovative provider of computer security services, represented by a model of business and an offer which is totally unique and exclusive in the Italian panorama and by a team of analysts with extensive experience in online fraud analysis.  Certego has developed a Cloud-based platform to provide Computer Security Managed Services to detect the presence of new threats and to deliver the best response to reduce, remove and analyse the attack. The in-depth competences and extensive experience in Incident Response, Security Intelligence and Malware Analysis merge with the passion and desire of the security analysts to be constantly updated on what is happening in the world of computer threats.

Source: CRIF Press Release