With its latest acquisition CRIF has accelerated its push to becoming a global company.  CRIF originally an Italian-based company, established in 1988 in Bologna (Italy), specializes in the development and management of consumer credit reporting, business information and decision support systems. Today, CRIF has operations in Europe and in the Americas.  With this aggressive expansion it would not be surprising if CRIF will consider Asia as well.In the last 10 years, CRIF has expanded covering both the European and American markets. CRIF is currently the leading group in continental Europe in the field of banking credit information and one of the main operators on an international level concerning integrated services for business & commercial information and for credit & marketing management.  Since 1997, CRIF has been present in the UK with CRIF Decision Solutions Ltd., where, through the acquisition of Qui Credit Assessment Ltd. two years later, the Group has enhanced its facilities to Users, particularly in the areas of financial analysis, reporting and monitoring services.  CRIF Decision Solutions Ltd. specializes in the design and development of customer database solutions, in particular in claim management and fraud detection solutions for UK insurance companies.  In 1999, CRIF extended its international presence in the United States by establishing CRIF North America Corp. based in Tampa (FL).  The strategic alliance with the American company TransUnion, leader in the NAFTA market, has given rise to two companies that specialize in providing custom and model-based business solutions in Mexico (TransUnion CRIF Decision Solutions S.A. de C.V.) and in Central and South America and Canada (TransUnion CRIF Decision Solutions LLC).

To consolidate its role and relationship with local financial institutions in strategic Eastern European markets, CRIF bought 100% of the stock in CCB – Czech Credit Bureau and later in SCB – Slovak Credit Bureau. The systems used by both the credit bureaus were set up and managed by CRIF and are based on EURISC – CRIF credit bureau.

In 2005, CRIF began its expansion also into the Russian market by founding the National Bureau of Credit Histories (NBCH), together with the National Banking Association (ARB) and some of the country’s main banks. Today, the membership of the Russian credit bureau includes about 600 credit institutions. CRIF’s direct presence in Russia was strengthened in 2007 with the establishment of OOO CRIF, located in Moscow, which offers services ranging from analysis to consultancy, as well as outsourcing and software solutions.

In 2006 CRIF expanded its presence in Eastern Europe by acquiring INFIN in the Slovak Republic, which provides added-value business information services on Slovak companies and municipalities. Since 2008, INFIN has been merged into SCB – Slovak Credit Bureau.

At the beginning of 2007, InfoData, founded in 1990 as a Department of the Polish Chamber of Commerce, became part of the CRIF Group. Since 2008, CRIF Sp. Z.o.o offers added-value business information services in Poland, providing high quality data and freshly investigated credit reports on any Polish and foreign companies worldwide, as well as analytics, consulting, outsourcing and software solutions.

Based in Tampa (USA), CRIBIS Corp. is the CRIF company that develops and distributes worldwide online services for decision making support, from risk management to marketing strategies, providing business information about companies, industries and markets. Used by general business companies and banks around the world, SkyMinder (www.skyminder.com) integrates information from dozens of international providers and from local sources in specific countries, providing detailed credit, financial and business information on more than 50 million companies in 230 countries.

Since early 2008 CRIF has strengthened its presence in the Americas through CRIF Corp. (based in Tampa, USA), Magnum (based in Atlanta, USA) and CRIF S.A. de C.V. (based in Mexico City), which provide decision support and software solutions to financial institutions, service providers and businesses. Source: Company Press Release – http://www.crif.com/en/AboutUs.aspx

BIIA Newsletter April – 2008 Issue