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CRIF Rating Agency, the CRIF S.p.A. credit rating agency, is changing its name to CRIF Ratings and launching a new website

Simplification and immediacy are the kerivers behind the new name and revamp of the site. The bilingual site (Italian and English) and responsive web design will appeal to Italian and international investors and to Italian and Spanish companies, which represent the Agency’s client base.

The main website content is divided into three sections:

  • Rating area, dedicated to the characteristic activities of the Agency, showing all rating actions relating to ratings in the public domain in real-time, as well as the rating history of each rated company. Market players can benefit from the immediate visibility of ratings issued by the Agency and quickly search for the ones of interest to them, organized by name, sector or type;
  • Studies and Research area, where information on all studies and research produced by the Agency relating to the Italian and Spanish economic fabric are available (Credit Research, Sector Outlook and Market Comment);
  • New section for companies, with the aim of encouraging wider dissemination of the rating culture and financial transparency. The contents are dedicated to the different types of rating, to the main uses of ratings and to the analytical process followed by CRIF Ratings. The section is completed with answers to some of the most frequently asked questions by companies.

“We are very pleased with the new web portal which reflects one of our key values: transparency. We want to broaden the reach of the rating culture and we hope that an easily accessible website for both companies and market players will be the first step in this direction,” commented Carlo Barbarisi, Managing Director of CRIF Ratings.

Source:  CRIF Press Release