The potential for development of the Agency’s European-based activity has led to CRIF Ratings being an autonomous legal entity compared to the past in which it was a dedicated division within CRIF SpA.

This is an important milestone in a path that attests to the consolidation of a strategic aspiration, ie to place the Agency at the service of investors on the European market, and not just Italian and Spanish, in line with the objectives of the ‘Capital’ Markets Union ‘of the European Commission, which aims to mobilize the entire European capital market in favor of small and medium-sized enterprises and infrastructure projects.

For the next few years, the Agency has developed an ambitious expansion plan: in addition to issuing corporate rating, which will continue to represent core business through constant monitoring and periodic commentary on the most important trends for the credit market of CRIF Ratings is aiming to become a reference point for companies, investors, advisors and financial intermediaries in search of high-value-added opinions that start from deep knowledge and interpretation of the specificities of the European context.

Source: CRIF Ratings News