Indian based rating agency Crisil (S&P Global) has launched 11 new debt indices and also announced a change in nomenclature of an existing index in line with the new norms issued by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) for classification of mutual funds (MFs).

Crisil said that the change of nomenclature has been done for the CRISIL Ultra Short Term Debt Index, which will now be called the CRISIL Low Duration Debt Index corresponding to the ‘Low duration’ bucket. Senior Director of Crisil, Nagarajan Narasimhan said that with SEBI outlining different categories of schemes for eligible securities, maturity profiles, asset classes and nomenclature, the mutual fund Industry is undergoing transition.

The credit agency also said that its research wing will also launch CRISIL Banking and PSU Debt Index, for mapping the ‘banking and PSU fund’ category in coming days.

In December, ICRA Management Consulting Services (Moody’s) has launched a set of four fixed income indices including one on corporate bonds with an aim of objective analysis and benchmarking of debt portfolios.

Source: Financial Express