crisil logo-homeCrisil Research today launched seven indices, including one in government securities (G-Sec) segment. In credit indices, Crisil has expanded offerings by launching the Crisil A Long Term-Bond Index and Crisil A Short-Term Bond Index, which will track the performance of lower-rated bonds, it said in a statement.

Additionally, it has introduced medium-term indices for G-Secs and credit — the Crisil Medium Term Gilt Index, the Crisil AAA Medium Term Bond Index, and the Crisil AA Medium Term Bond Index. In hybrids, Crisil has introduced two indices — the Crisil Balanced FundConservative Index and the Crisil Balanced Fund – Moderate Index, with varying exposure to equity and debt.

Crisil currently maintains 38 indices across bonds, G-Secs, money market, hybrid and commodity segments, which are used by asset managers for benchmarking their products and portfolios.

Source: Economic Times