Current Analysis announced today the launch of a new addition to its competitive intelligence suite of solutions – CurrentCOMPETE for Salesforce.  CurrentCOMPETE is widely recognized as the leading source of timely, actionable market, competitive and sales intelligence.  Global IT and telecom professionals depend on CurrentCOMPETE to gain unbiased research and recommendations, offering them a unique tactical perspective on the impact of competitive activity.

“By Integrating into our clients’ sales workflow, we provide sales professionals with instant access to in-depth, unbiased analysis on the strengths, weaknesses and strategies of competitors and their respective product portfolios, as well as timely insights into relevant industry events that can dramatically impact sales productivity and win rates,” commented Tim Dowd, CEO and President of Current Analysis. “Our Salesforce application seamlessly enables sales teams to better compete and win and is perfect for preparing for sales calls, responding to RFPs, tracking trends, staying current on the industry and events, and having quick access to critical information on their most important competitors. We give sales reps the sales intelligence they can use immediately and tools that will help them sell more effectively, enabling them to accelerate the sales process and increase competitive advantage.”

This streamlined application provides on-demand access to the latest analysis and intelligence on the IT and telecom markets and competitors in a simple, convenient format with integrated Salesforce workflow actions. The application provides quick entrée to in-depth company and product assessments and the ability to conduct head-to-head comparisons. Companies can quickly find information on competitive products, services and companies, understand relative strengths and weaknesses, marketing and sales strategies, partnerships, buying criteria, metrics and more, along with Current Analysis’s impartial analytical perspective and recommendations for vendors, competitors and buyers.

Outsell, Inc., a leading provider of research and analysis on the information and research industries, recent end-user study found that 80% of sales professionals feel that integrated external information is extremely important to their workflow.  As sales organizations adopt more agile methods, they found that sales people need to have information at their fingertips and the ability to develop insights and customized solutions targeted to theirprospects.*

CurrentCOMPETE for Salesforce accelerates how companies can connect with customers in a whole new way with actionable insights and analysis on competitors and their products enabling them to improve sales effectiveness and win more business.

About:  Current Analysis, Inc. is a leading provider of timely, practical market intelligence and advice that helps global IT and telecom professionals compete, innovate and improve performance. For over 15 years, our independent experts and proprietary services have empowered fast-paced companies to quickly identify opportunities to drive growth and market leadership. Relied upon as an unbiased and trusted partner, Current Analysis serves more than 35,000 professionals representing over 1,300 enterprises. Headquartered in the Washington D.C. metro area, we provide global reach with offices in Paris, London, and Singapore.

Source:  Current Analysis