Healthcare Data and Cyber SecurityApart from your health risk there is financial risk! 

While some incidents are a result of lost or stolen files, sophisticated hackers looking to lift the treasure trove of information found in health records are now the leading cause of data loss

The threat isn’t likely to ease. Cybercrime is a “growing $6 billion epidemic that puts millions of patients and their information at risk,” according to a report on healthcare data security published last year by the Ponemon Institute.

To counter the growing threat, providers need to rethink their security strategies.

Rapid rise in medical identity theft

No longer are virus scanning and intrusion detection software sufficient.
“Protection technologies have a purpose; the problem is there are really wonderful ways to evade these things,” says Ronald Mehring, chief information security officer (CISO) for Texas Health Resources. “We’ve seen that with a multitude of breaches across organizations that have strong programs.”  The key, say experts, is a complex solution of multiple defense layers embedded with new data analysis techniques that can spot hackers before they can break into health data stores.

CIOs and their security staffs have to consider a class of more sophisticated tools that can sense when a breach is being attempted or already underway. For example, advanced classes of firewalls are aware of the applications running behind them and can take into consideration what is and isn’t normal traffic trying to access those applications.

biia-cyber-sceruity-adMany organizations are turning to these types of layered protection, healthcare security professionals say.

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Source: Cyber Security Intelligence