In the Face of a Multiple Million Dollar Judgment in Favor of Infogroup, DatabaseUSA Files for Bankruptcy

In its amended judgment, the Federal Court awarded Infogroup, a leading provider of data and multichannel marketing solutions, $21.2 million of damages in favor of Infogroup, including $11.2 million plus attorney fees, costs and interest for which DatabaseUSA is liable. The jury and Federal Court found DatabaseUSA in violation of various federal laws and contractual obligations, including the infringements of Infogroup’s copyrighted business database and its registered trademarks.

The Court went further to find that the misconduct of DatabaseUSA presented an “exceptional case” in which it intentionally destroyed key evidence and willfully and deliberately violated federal laws. So, the Court permanently enjoined DatabaseUSA from using Infogroup’s tradenames, from making false advertising statements and from participating in future unfair competitive practices. “We are pleased that justice has been achieved, and the competitors that violated the rules, like DatabaseUSA, have been held responsible,” declared Greg Scaglione, lead trial counsel for Infogroup.

Unable to pay the judgment, DatabaseUSA has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in Nevada. “This filing culminates the near five year legal battle to protect Infogroup’s intellectual property and desire to compete fairly,” said Michael Iaccarino, chairman and CEO of Infogroup. “We will continue to focus and invest in our terrific data-driven solutions of Salesgenie, InfoUSA and ReferenceUSA that were the basis of damages in this case.”

Greg Scaglione explained that, “DatabaseUSA filed its bankruptcy petition in the United StatesBankruptcy Court for the District of Nevada, Bankruptcy Case Number: 2:2019BK10001. As lead trial counsel for Infogroup, my team will represent Infogroup in this bankruptcy proceeding to protect Infogroup’s interests.”

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