DataFoxDataFox, a startup with a web service that companies can use to monitor privately held companies, raised $5 million in additional funding with participation from Goldman Sachs and Green Visor Capital.  As part of this funding round, Simon Yoo (Green Visor) and Rana Yared (Goldman Sachs) have joined our Board as Director and Observer, respectively. On our Advisory Board, Erik Nierenberg, SteveAlesio2a veteran of Salesforce, joins Steve Alesio, the former CEO of Dun & Bradstreet.

This milestone also marks a two-year anniversary as a company. During those two years DataFox built a groundbreaking solution to problems felt by some of the world’s most prolific companies in growing their business. That’s why DataFox is also officially unveiling DataFox For Teams and DataFox Conference Explorer, features used and loved by firms such as Box, Scale Venture Partners,, and Looker.

About:  DataFox was founded in 2013 to tackle a problem that permeates every major company in the world: finding important information about other businesses.

Previously, two of its founders worked in finance and business intelligence, while the two other founders had built ground-breaking solutions in the fields of artificial intelligence and enterprise software.

Today, DataFox’s next-generation deal-sourcing and research platform offers a modern approach to prospecting, tracking, and pipeline management. It automates previously human-intensive knowledge work by combining massive public data sets with cleaned-up client data sets, all in an intuitive, lightweight visual interface. DataFox is thus able to remove many of the inefficiencies inherent in sales, research, business development, and finance jobs.

Source: DataFox Press Release