Last December offered some advice to on-line X-mas shoppers.  We believe the advice will be more than ever valid this year.

“Don’t buy into the tricks of fake online stores during the any holiday seasons.”

Over 95 percent of Americans and two thirds of European Union internet users have shopped online in the last year. Criminals are aware of this and have flocked to the internet during the holidays by opening fraudulent online stores. To protect online shoppers from these fake stores and to let them shop safely again, web-crawling company has launched a free detector for fraudulent online stores.

The fraud detector shows a reliability percentage for each individual website. This way the consumer can quickly determine which eCommerce websites are best avoided during their online shopping. If the fraud detector comes across a website that is clearly a fraudulent online store, it will show a banner including a warning that the web-user should not shop at that website. With the release of this free online fraud detector, hopes to reduce the number of cybercrime victims and give back the feeling of safe online shopping to consumers.

Christian Branbergen from explains: “The consequences that buying from a fraudulent online store have can be serious. It is possible that you pay for a product and then don’t receive it, which is of course already a hassle. But criminals can also use your information to commit credit card fraud, or even take your login credentials and use them to access your other accounts such as your online banking. We have developed this fraud detector to warn consumer against fraudulent online stores and hope that it will benefit them in their holiday shopping”.

The fraud-detector is part of the Chrome plugin and can be downloaded via the Chrome Store.

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