BIIA has learned that David Emery, current President of D&B Asia-Pacific will leave D&B in September of 2011. 

When David Emery moved from D&B Switzerland to D&B Singapore in 1998 little did he know that he would become within a short time the principal deal maker and implementer of the D&B Worldwide Network.  In the quest of improving the performance of its far flung foreign subsidiaries in Asia, D&B tested a franchising concept as a new business model, which merged local D&B subsidiaries with market leaders or sold them off to management backed by private equity.  David Emery executed these tasks with flair and soon was asked to replicate the concept in Europe.  Always with his Harley Davidson hobby horse in tow and working out of various locations, he was relentless in implementing D&B’s franchising concept and D&B’s Worldwide Network.

He soon returned to Asia, as President Asia-Pacific and member of D&B’s Global Leadership Team, focusing his energy on forming the Huaxia D&B joint venture in China, acquiring Roadway China, creating a joint venture in Japan and eventually reacquiring D&B Australia and D&B India.  Today Asia Pacific is the fastest growing part of D&B which grew under David’s leadership from US$30mil to US$250mil.  It should be noted that the franchising concept is an important part of D&B’s global data supply chain and distribution system unmatched by any of D&B’s competitors.

Distances in Asia, and being linked to a global enterprise, in essence meaning being on call 24/7, exerts a toll on the best of us.  So David Emery decided to call it a day and take a break to devote more time to his family.  At least until the next challenge arrives.  Having been a co-initiator of BIIA we also see David Emery’s departure with regret, but do not want to miss the opportunity to thank him for his contribution to the industry and wish him lots of success for the future.

Having known David Emery for some time, we suspect this will not be the last we will have heard of him (and his Harley Davidson).