D&B (DNB) announced the launch of D&B Compliance Check, a solution providing organizations advanced screening and monitoring of customer and supplier business practices to ensure global regulatory compliance with a growing range of global anti-fraud and corruption regulations. The new solution will help companies identify banned or suspect entities and individuals, strengthen fraud protection, ensure regulatory compliance, manage supply and distribution risk, and protect their brand.

This new solution enables organizations to access D&B data and insight on more than 210 million companies, 100 million people, 900 industries and three million corporate family trees, along with integrated social data from influential social platforms. Leveraging multiple databases, including global watch lists, regulatory authority actions, law enforcement sources, and global news sources, updated daily, businesses have the most comprehensive and broad-reaching compliance solution to address all compliance program needs.  Key benefits:

  • Uncover Hidden Risk: Mitigate risk throughout the value chain by assessing the complete risk in the corporate family, including individuals, not just a single entity.
  • Improve Efficiency: Save time and money by leveraging D&B’s robust platform technologies to gain a broad and complete screen while at the same time reducing and/ or eliminating false-positives of data points. Returns only the alerts that matter to a unique business based on risk event code, event stage, age of alert, entity type and match score.
  • Objective, Fact-based Guidance: Leverage source data from more than 10,000 media organizations to stay abreast of global adverse events, including information on the organization, owners and executive management within your network of suppliers, partners and customers.

D&B’s new compliance offering is the first from a suite of solutions designed to help businesses better manage risk and compliance in an increasingly complex world stage of commerce. By leveraging D&B’s insights, intelligence and automation, D&B’s suite will include solutions that address regulatory compliance, fraud avoidance, diversity and corporate social responsibility objectives, supplier certification/due diligence and reputational/ethics risk. D&B plans to roll out additional solutions and services in 2013.

Learn more about D&B’s Compliance Solutions by emailing compliance4u@dnb.com or visiting www.dnb.com/compliancesolutions.