D&B has acquired Purisma, a small but fast growing software company which delivers a breakthrough, solutions-driven approach to master data management (MDM).  Purisma Data Hub is a Master Data Management (MDM) solution for enterprises that can be quickly installed behind a company’s firewall.   D&B selected Purisma because it had built some of its applications around D&B Sales and Marketing solutions.  Bob Hagenau, Co-Founder and VP of Purisma stated in a recent interview with B-Eye Network, that D&B resembled the ‘gold standard of corporate data’; however this standard is not necessarily the way a corporation interacts with customers.  Multiple users require different views of customer relationships, thus Purisma taking D&B data as a baseline, defining it how a client wants to view customer data, customizing and maintaining it. Source: Outsell Insight / D&B Press Release

BIIA Newsletter November – 2007 Issue