New product helps credit managers effectively manage risk and improve internal communication through simple, actionable one-click risk reports

D&B (NYSE: DNB) announced the launch of the Portfolio Risk Manager (PRM) add on module for DNBi Enterprise Edition.  The new module provides DNBi Enterprise Edition customers with up to two million accounts with an aggregated view of their entire portfolio, quickly identifying areas of risk and opportunity.  With PRM for DNBi Enterprise Edition, companies can execute near real-time, one-click reports in minutes, to proactively perform a portfolio review, and drill down to areas identified as needing further scrutiny. The trends and analytical insights PRM delivers enable credit managers to effectively manage and communicate portfolio performance across the organization.

Credit Today estimates that the number-one challenge facing credit departments is deteriorating customer credit levels; 31 percent said this was the biggest challenge for them in today’s economy, compared to only two percent two years ago.  For companies with sizable portfolios, it’s now necessary to have tools to quickly evaluate the health of the portfolio and to help prioritize which accounts require reviews.  PRM also helps to find new opportunities, providing businesses with intelligent insights to identify customers with low credit risk; enabling the credit department to build collaborative relationships with sales and marketing teams to find cross sell and upsell opportunities to grow their business’ bottom line.   Key benefits of PRM include:

  • Identifying Risks and Opportunities: Recognize trends across the entire portfolio, calculate bad-debt reserve and see how it compares to national benchmarks so a business can strategically adjust credit policies and communicate growth opportunities.
  • Revealing Potential Exposure: Identify risk exposure by, corporate family and by outstanding dollar ranges, age ranges and credit limit use to help prioritize collection efforts, manage credit limits and provide high-quality prospects to sales.
  • Refining with Segmentation: Provide a comparative view of business exposure and risk concentrations by industry, age and size of business, or geography, highlighting segments of greatest risk and opportunity to grow revenue while reducing costs.

For additional information about Portfolio Risk Manager for DNBi Enterprise Edition please visit: Portfolio Risk Manager for DNBi Enterprise Edition is available in the US only.

Source:  Dun & Bradstreet Press Release