D&B (NYSE: DNB) has agreed with Microsoft to integrate D&B360™, D&B’s Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution, with Microsoft Dynamics CRM in both on-premise and on-demand environments. D&B360 will deliver data that has been optimized for enhanced accuracy and completeness – a competitive advantage that increases effectiveness at every stage in the sales, marketing and customer service lifecycle.

D&B360 is D&B’s cloud-based, on-demand solution that provides data management, cleansing and enrichment capabilities, seamlessly integrating D&B data and other essential business information into CRM applications and other critical customer applications. Through this relationship with Microsoft, D&B360 will deliver B2B customer and prospect details directly into the hands of sales and marketing professionals. D&B360 is the only DaaS solution that offers D&B’s unparalleled business data, including the world’s largest database of more than 195 million businesses, 53 million business contacts and Hoover’s company research — along with relevant social media and news feeds.

For more on D&B360 go to www.dnb.com/360