D&B reported strong revenue and income gains in spite of a difficult trading environment.  Analysts asked why D&B’s revenues were not impacted by the credit crunch in comparison to other information companies:  Management acknowledged a tougher trading environment.  Customers are tightening information budgets and sales cycles were getting longer.  However customers need to manage cash flow more effectively than ever and to take prudent risks to stay solvent.  D&B had the right answers: Value added solutions to improve cash flow and profits.  The DNBi risk management platform continues to grow at double digit rates and customer penetration is up 43% from 20% a year ago.  Sales Optimizer and Purisma contribute strongly to S&MS growth.  Supplier risk and analytics continue to make inroads with Wal-Mart having signed up as a major client.  Source: D&B Earnings Release

BIIA Newsletter October 2008 Issue