D&B (NYSE:DNB) announced the release of D&B DirectTM 2.0, the API solution providing enterprise-wide access to a broad range of business insight.  With a unified web services platform, the addition of risk scores and ratings, fraud and compliance monitoring, digital and social intelligence and more, D&B Direct 2.0 dramatically improves an organization’s ability to embed rich data and analytics in their business applications to drive better results. Delivering streaming business insight via the cloud, the solution gives executives the intelligence they need to make smarter and faster decisions while improving collaboration across the enterprise.

dnb 200Today’s announcement demonstrates D&B’s growing web services capabilities to deliver comprehensive data and analytics through the cloud into any commercial or custom application. D&B recently announced the launch of the D&B Data Exchange to provide integrated access to D&B and industry-specific data from select providers and in May announced a new suite of predictive analytics solutions to help companies reduce risk and identify new growth opportunities.

D&B Direct 2.0 uses D&B’s proprietary DUNSRight ® matching technology based on the D-U-N-S Number to create trustworthy master records of businesses entities. Companies can connect financial data and analytics, professional contacts, social media, news, industry-specific data and more to develop a more complete and informed view of their customers, prospects, suppliers and partners.

D&B Direct 2.0 drives holistic improvement across an organization by enabling:

  • Finance executives to improve operating cash flow, reduce financial and regulatory risk, make better investment decisions, and more effectively identify, screen and prioritize deals
  • Supply Chain executives to monitor and evaluate supplier and distributor performance, identify cost efficiencies, anticipate supply disruptions and reduce compliance risks
  • Marketing executives to uncover untapped markets, pinpoint the most likely buyers, identify buying signals, and drive increased engagement
  • Sales and Service executives to identify the best new prospects, understand buyer needs, improve account planning and territory management and enhance customer service.

“One of the most important factors in driving future business success is the ability to enable data-driven decisions across the entire organization. Cloud-based technologies that help you gather key insights from your data, transform insights into actionable information, and then make the right decisions to drive better results are key to success,” said Ray Wang, Principal Analyst and CEO, Constellation Research.

D&B Direct is currently available in North America. To learn more about D&B Direct, please visit dnb.com/direct.

Source:  D&B Press Release