D&B Digital, the online media business within D&B, has launched an advertising platform that aggregates D&B’s Business Decision Maker (BDM) audience while they are using Hoover’s, AllBusiness.com and DNB.com to carry out their daily business research and prospecting workflows.  Approximately 10 million BDMs use these D&B Digital sites each month. This ad network allows advertisers to target and reach this group while they are researching companies, industries and executives (on Hoover’s and DNB.com) or specific business-related content (on AllBusiness.com).

The network uses AllBusiness.com’s proprietary matching and categorization technology known as Content Match to allow advertisers to place relevant advertising on “virtual channels of content” that match the keywords most often used by potential purchasers. In addition, Hoover’s paid-site, subscription site targeting offers advertisers subscriber profiling based on registration information so that advertisers can target their messages by company size, the person’s title and industry. DNB.com has not previously run advertising alongside its core online paid subscription products.

Chuck Richard of Outsell Inc. commented on June 8, 2009 in a special Outsell Insight: “This network offers ad sales efficiencies by making it easier for D&B to sell advertising across all its Internet properties, and easier for marketers to buy all of the D&B properties. Some practical matters may limit one feature, D&B’s use of user registration profiles. When an enterprise subscribes to a paid Hoover’s service, it is often via a site license for a specific number of users, in which case the profile information is for the company, not each of the multiple individual users. Of the 10 million BDM’s, or users D&B cites, it is likely that a large majority, are using the free services, so do not register or provide profile information. This is not unique to D&B, as the same is true for most ad networks.”   Source: Outsell Inc. a BIIA co-founder member

BIIA Newsletter July – August 2009 Issue