D&B announced a groundbreaking e-marketplace solution blending trusted D&B data with US-sourced import/export information enabling superior levels of transparency and insight between buyers in the U.S. and suppliers in China.

The US/China launch of Tradeportal.dnb, enables B2B buyers and sellers to gain insight and have greater confidence about doing business with each other.   The portal fosters transparency between buyers and suppliers by combining import/export data and other third-party data with D&B’s unrivaled global database of more than 210M businesses.   This multi-sourced view into the business is unique among existing trade portals, and enables buyers and suppliers to have a broader and more transparent perspective on prospective partners in their supply chain.

Tradeportal.dnb includes more than 30 million businesses in the U.S. and China and is built upon D&B’s legacy of quality data and unparalleled insight. The initial launch focuses on connecting the U.S. and China markets, with other international markets to follow.

Source:  D&B Press Release