D&B announced Portfolio Risk Manager™ for DNBi to enhance the DNBi Risk Management™ suite of products.  Portfolio Risk Manager for DNBi is the only on-demand and customizable solution that combines proprietary D&B insight with users’ customer data, allowing businesses to see risk and opportunity across their entire customer base —through simple one-click reports.  Credit professionals at more than 20,000 companies use DNBi Risk Management as the authority in credit risk management to help protect businesses from financial risk.

Credit departments need tools to evaluate customers, anticipate and respond quickly to changing business and economic conditions, manage cash efficiently, partner with sales for upsell opportunities and communicate risk and opportunity across the organization. With Portfolio Risk Manager for DNBi, businesses can strategically set and adjust credit policies, incorporate a risk-based approach to prioritizing collections, comparing to national benchmarks and uncovering trends in their portfolio to strategically grow and protect their business.

Specific customer benefits include:

  • Get to Insights Faster: With “one-click” analytic reports that combine customer data with D&B insights, Portfolio Risk Manager delivers the analysis needed to prioritize collections and manage credit limits, as well as identify high-quality prospects. Organizations can leverage risk-based insights designed to drive upsell opportunities.
  • Effectively Manage Risk: Customers can strategically adjust credit policies based on current risk profiles, portfolio trends, and benchmarks against national averages. With Portfolio Risk Manager, customers can focus on segments of greatest risk and opportunity to grow revenue while reducing costs and avoiding loss.
  • Improved Internal Communication and Cooperation: Credit professionals can customize reports to easily share insights and trends — as well as identify low-risk, up-sell opportunities for sales and marketing. This reporting capability will enable the CFO, COO, treasurers and sales executives to be responsive to changing business conditions.

The combination of D&B’s proprietary data with customers’ account receivable data in Portfolio Risk Manager for DNBi gives credit managers a strategic view of how customers pay both their business and others. In addition, Portfolio Risk Manager offers analysis of corporate-family exposure — based on D&B’s extensive database of corporate families — another tool to make it easier for credit managers to understand their customers.

Source: D&B Press Release