Hoppenstedt is said to invest EURO 8 million in new products and databases. It has recently expanded its workforce by 5% and plans to launch a Web-portal for SMEs and to refine the selection criteria of company data.

Its subsidiary D&B Germany is expanding its trade information database, which is expected to reach 440 million payment experiences by the end of 2007.  A new credit score is to be launched shortly to further improve its risk prediction capabilities.

Parallel to the D&B effort, Hoppenstedt is offering under its own brand, credit information services: Hoppenstedt CreditCheck.  In addition to comprehensive credit information Hoppenstedt offers a Credit Index which gives a snapshot of the risk characteristics of a company: from minimal to very high.

 Hoppenstedt Holding has acquired the directory business ‚ABC der Deutschen Wirtschaft’ from Schober Business Information GmbH.  Hoppenstedt already owned the marketing rights of ABC in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg.  The ‘ABC’ Directory is one of the oldest b2b directories in Europe.  It failed last year and was subsequently acquired by Schober Business Information GmbH.  It has to be assumed that Schober used the ABC database to augment its own direct marketing databases.  What is surprising about this deal is that Hoppenstedt, which already owns together with D&B Germany one of the largest business databases, saw a need to acquire ABC and to continue the business as a stand-alone entity alongside its many business directories and information services.  In 1972 the former D&B Directory subsidiary Reuben H. Donnelley Corporation wanted to acquire ABC, however the owners decided at that time to remain independent. Source: PASSWORD Germany

BIIA Newsletter September – 2007 Issue