D&B announces a new Canadian Solutions Initiative.  The cornerstone of the initiative includes new products designed to help commercial organizations in Canada in mission-critical areas.  Risk Management and Compliance solutions mitigate credit and supplier risk, increase cash flow and drive profitability.  Sales and Marketing solutions provide data management which accelerates sales by identifying strategic growth opportunities and increasing lead conversion rates.

The new Canadian Solutions initiative encompasses three critical mission solutions featuring expanded data sources, near real-time updates and improved business insight:

  • D&B Compliance Check, providing organizations advanced screening and monitoring of customers and suppliers to support global regulatory compliance with a growing range of global anti-fraud and corruption regulations;
  • D&B Direct, enabling enterprise software providers to easily embed D&B data and other essential business knowledge directly into their applications, through on-demand access known as data-as-a-service; and
  • Optimizer Online, designed to help small and medium-sized businesses cleanse and enrich their customer and prospect data to increase ROI on sales and marketing campaigns.

Source:  D&B Press Release