First of New Ongoing Series Signals Uneven Business Growth, Euro Zone Crisis, Fiscal Policy Issues and Potential Slower Global Recovery

D&B (NYSE: DNB) announced the results of its first mid-year global outlook, a comprehensive study based on an analysis of its proprietary business data. D&B’s mid-year review indicates a challenging second half to the year, but an overall climate of improving U.S. and global business health. The global outlook report is part of D&B’s quarterly index series, which examines the impact of macroeconomic trends on global business.

“As we look over the first half of the year, a double-dip recession remains concerning, but D&B’s data indicates that we will not have a repeat of 2008,” said Paul Ballew, chief economist, D&B. “That is not to say that there aren’t challenges and risks ahead, but the past five years have seen a period of restructuring for many sectors. In general, companies are leaner and more flexible, which will help to bolster the economic recovery we anticipate later in the decade.”

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