After several years of modest growth and a cautious acquisition strategy, D&B revealed on its investor day in July a more aggressive growth strategy.  What has changed?

 It is all about leverage.   D&B can leverage a number of critical assets to capture more of the internal spend on risk and marketing processes imbedded in customer processes and to expand internationally.  Its newest asset is DNBi, a risk management platform which it introduced in the US in 2005.   The DNBi platform currently drives 25% of RMS revenue, which it intends to grow to 60% by 2010.  Adding more value added products, analytical capabilities and modules for complex workflow will drive information usage.  Further growth is expected by migrating DNBi into international markets which is planned in 2009. 

Another critical asset is the D&B database, which can be leveraged by its RMS, S&MS and Internet businesses.  D&B plans to expand the current 130+ million records to 180 million by end of 2010.  D&B’s DUNSRight™ process is able to deliver global linkages (parent-subsidiary relationships), which are immensely important for ‘know your customer/supplier’ compliance solutions in which D&B has a commanding lead.  Competitors do not possess such commercial data assets on a global scale, at this point in time. 

Last, but not least there is the D&B brand, which is a formidable asset not just in its traditional home market the US, but also internationally.  Source: Outsell Insight

BIIA Newsletter July / August 2008 Issue