D&B (NYSE:DNB) has released D&B360″ 3.0, an upgraded version of its sales and marketing intelligence solution for CRM systems.   D&B360 provides sales and marketing professionals the insights needed to sell more effectively by providing direct access to D&Bs global business data and analytics within CRM systems, along with relevant news, social media and sales tools, to drive revenue growth.

D&B360 3.0 features a completely redesigned interface, taking sales intelligence to the next level, increasing sales, productivity and CRM ROI.  Customers have consistently told us usability drives CRM adoption and ROI. Working closely with our customers, we have improved the user experience of D&B360. Common tasks now require fewer clicks and critical information is easier to access, said Laura Kelly, Chief Product Officer, D&B. As a result, the precision enabled by D&B360 3.0 helps businesses cut research time to convert prospects into long-term profitable customers.

D&B360 creates trustworthy master records in CRM systems using the D-U-N-S Number® and D&Bs proprietary matching technology. Further, it connects each customer to financial data, marketing prescreen scores, professional contacts, social media, news, and more to develop an informed view of customers. The result is the ability to find and act upon opportunities quickly.

D&B360 arms sales teams with the data and tools they need to easily pinpoint the best new prospects, and the information they need to connect with key decision makers. The results have exceeded my clients’ expectations. I have seen it transform multiple CRM platforms from sales management tools into sales enablement solutions that drive results, said Rebecca Rosen, President of Sales Enabled, a consulting firm that specializes in sales and marketing automation.

D&B360, an award-winning sales and marketing intelligence tool, drives business improvement by enabling:

  • Sales to fully leverage their CRMs, winning more business with the sales intelligence required to successfully compete for and retain business
  • Marketing to increase campaign effectiveness with faster and more robust targeting using segmentation data- and list- building tools
  • Sales Operations to correctly align sales resources with the best opportunities.

Source: Seekingalpha.com/news