Prolonged depressed credit conditions have prompted many information companies to upgrade their decision systems.  The latest upgrade of services offerings come from BIIA member D&B, announcing the launch of DNBi Premium, providing more robust, enhanced information and insights to help businesses to manage credit in these adverse times.

DNBi Premium represents a significant enhancement over the existing application and will be available to the majority of its existing DNBi customers as an upgrade starting in November.  It includes several powerful enhancements including:

  • Detailed Trade Risk Insight(TM) – provides a direct view into a company’s recent payment behavior at a new level of detail to help quickly identify risks and opportunities within a customer portfolio.
  • DNBi Live Reports – offers a new and improved credit report that serves as a central source for financial information, relevant third party information and company news for a more comprehensive view of accounts.
  • Credit Network(TM) – allows credit professionals to obtain help from the largest footprint of credit professionals online, all connected through DNBi. They can also request and share trade experiences for greater insights.
  • DNBi Premium also includes the enhanced Financial Stress Score 7.1, which provides a predictive boost over the previous scoring capability and features an updated risk class scale to make the scoring tool more intuitive to use.

DNBi is the premier platform for commercial risk management solutions leveraging D&B’s leading-edge analytical tools from its global database of more than 150 million businesses. DNBi Premium is part of D&B’s ongoing commitment to meet evolving customer demand for better information and insights in these challenging economic times.   For more information or to experience DNBi, visit

BIIA Newsletter November – December 2009 Issue