BIIA’s Chairman David Worlock has discovered a whole band of bloggers through December and January who were arguing that the Web of spam and misleading search of a decade ago, which Google had cleaned up effectively in its early days, had now returned to haunt us – on Google.  We leave it to our readers to link to David Worlock’s excellent blog “Decline and Fall of the Google Empire” and his question whether key word searching had a future?

BIIA’s editor found the ending of David Worlock’s blog rather fascinating:  “So Google remains in place just as a consumer environment?  No, I think that Facebook and its successors become the consumer research environment.  Search by asking someone you know, or at least have a connection with, and get recommendations and references which take you right to the place where you buy.  Search in mobile environments is already taking too long and throwing up too many false leads. Anyone here used a shredding company in South Bucks (UK)?  How did you rate them?  How do I contact them?  I have this fantasy that I mention “Google” to my grandchildren and they say “did you mean the phone company?”  What is the best strategy job in the industry: the one that defines the line of migration for Google out of search and towards the next big marketplace (pity they missed Groupon!).  Source: