cryptocurrency 2Digital Currency Group (DCG), a leader in the bitcoin and blockchain industry, has agreed to acquire CoinDesk.  CoinDesk is the world leader in news and information on digital currencies such as bitcoin, and its underlying technology – the blockchain.  Digital Currency Group is one of CoinDesk’s earliest investors and supporters.

Since CoinDesk launched in 2013, its audience has considered it to be the leading publication of record for the digital currency industry.  As this industry evolves and new players emerge, it’s clear that the informational needs of the individuals and companies in this space are increasing.

DCG’s resources and vision will enable the CoinDesk team to keep pace with those growing needs and continue delivering the top-quality journalism our readers have come to expect. In addition, DCG’s expertise in marketing, sales and product development will enable us to expand our current offerings, including events and premium content.

To maintain CoinDesk’s editorial independence, it will be housed in a separate building from DCG, and Selkis, who has been involved in more than 20 of the the company’s most recent investments, will recuse himself from all operating and investing activities in the DCG portfolio of about 60 companies. Additionally, when covering any of those startups, the publication will disclose that its parent company is an investor.

About DCG: The Digital Currency Group team is working hard to create a new model for innovation – one that puts the entrepreneur first, but also embraces the knowledge, capability, and perspective of the institution. This is our humble effort to capture the collective knowledge of our great partners and our exceptional team.

Source: Digital Currency Group