As of 01 December 2022, the content agreement between Diligencia and LexisNexis has been discontinued and Diligencia is no longer providing company data to LexisNexis for their customers’ use. Any content already on LexisNexis’ platforms will be available for the next 12 months; however, no new data updates will be provided after 01 December.

Diligencia would like to express our appreciation to LexisNexis for their close collaboration over the last five years.

About: Diligencia is a leading provider of specialist corporate intelligence and due diligence solutions that enable clients to effectively manage their compliance obligations, market strategies and counterparty risks in Africa and the wider Middle East.  We source reliable and accurate data from authentic sources and transform it into intelligent solutions to help deliver clarity, inform opinions and enable decision-making. With clients ranging from financial institutions, law firms, risk advisory organisations and multinational corporates, we offer invaluable insight into the relationships that underpin business activity in the region.

Since 2008 Diligencia has been providing trusted entity data and specialist corporate intelligence based exclusively on primary sources. What started as one man’s vision to bring clarity to doing business in the MEA region, and in so doing allow companies and economies in the region to grow, has become a team of more than 70 multi-lingual analysts, software developers and operations specialists across three offices on different continents.   Our commitment to help support your decision-making based on clear, unequivocal insight has been there since day one, and continues as strong to this day.

Source: Diligencia Press Release