Duedil Ltd. announced that all documents filed with Companies House in the UK and the Companies Registration Office in Ireland are now available to purchase from Duedil at the same price as charged by Companies House.

This includes annual accounts, annual returns, new incorporations, director appointments, and more, all instantly downloadable, always accessible, and delivered direct to a client’s inbox.

The content is the same – the exact company documents one would get from Companies House – but the experience couldn’t be more different.   Not only will one have access to the latest documents with dynamic updates, but its service offers more than 100 million documents dating back over a century, with all of the clients purchases permanently stored for use whenever one needs them.

There are no subscriptions or contracts – The service available on as per need basis simply by purchasing documents as needed for just £1 each.

Damian Kimmelman, Founder and Director of Duedil stated in his announcement: “Three years ago, I needed to purchase a document from Companies House to prove that I was a Director of a company that I was involved with at the time.  It took more than fifteen clicks to buy a single document and I had to wait 30 minutes for the document to be ready to download, which was then only available for 4 days (and Companies House is closed at night)!  Three years on, not a lot has changed… Until today.”

Duedil was launched in 2011 as a new business information company that offers free financial information sourced from UK’s Companies House (Public Sector Information). The new service is the first value added service for which the company is charging a nominal fee.

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Source: Duedil Announcement