BIIA covered the arrival of a new start-up in business information in the UK in its recent blog:  United Kingdom: A New Upstart in Business Information Causes Sleepless Nights for CompetitorsBIIA Chairman David Worlock took a closer look at Duedil and offers the following commentary:

“This service is well worth a look. For one thing, the data presentation is good enough to seriously challenge the sector players , and for another the information collection is also hugely competitive.”

“But the irony comes in the thought that a freemium model could be used to take a Trojan Horse right into the middle of the commercial credit rating encampment . Industry professionals rightly point out that Duedil would have to support a great deal of advertising to support such a service long term . But what if that is not the point at all. Instead , a cogent strategy here would concentrate on getting very high free usage levels, and all the time stretch those staid competitors by adding more and more Open Web derived content into the mix , so that the comparison was not with publicly available “official ” content , but with the Duedil selection above and beyond that.”

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