D&B Logo 600x200Dun & Bradstreet and DocuSign, Inc. (DocuSign®) announced a strategic partnership that introduces a pre-contract due diligence solution to the Salesforce AppExchange. The newly-enhanced DocuSign for Salesforce app puts Dun & Bradstreet credit risk insight and compliance tools into the hands of business users needing quick, accurate and substantive commercial intelligence.

Now every user of DocuSign for Salesforce, a leading Digital Transaction Management (DTM) platform and eSignature app on the AppExchange, will have access to Dun & Bradstreet’s industry standard risk insights.  The app enables companies to check, flag and monitor potential financial and compliance risks across the organization so they can proactively manage their total risk exposure.  With Dun & Bradstreet data directly integrated within the DocuSign DTM platform, users can implement a level of compliance without requiring additional headcount or disrupting standard business workflows, increasing a company’s compliance coverage while effectively leveraging existing resources.

The first iteration of integrated DocuSign and Dun & Bradstreet functionality will be available during the fourth quarter of 2015 in North America and embedded inside the DocuSign for Salesforce connector on the Salesforce AppExchange.

About:  DocuSign, Inc. is The Global Standard for Digital Transaction Management®. DocuSign helps more than 100,000 companies across nearly every industry and department make their digital transformation by putting an end to the paper chase. More than 50 million people in 188 countries turn to DocuSign to manage their most important transactions — digitally. DocuSign’s DTM platform supports legally compliant signature processes tailored to meet requirements globally with localization in 43 languages. Every day more than 50,000 new users join The DocuSign Global Trust Network to increase speed to results, reduce costs, enhance security and compliance, and delight clients with a secure digital experience.

Source:  Marketwatch.com