New Sales Acceleration Solution Advances Company’s Leadership in Emergent B2B Market

Dun & Bradstreet (NYSE: DNB) announced the launch of D&B Hoovers, an innovative new Sales Acceleration solution to help sales and marketing teams shorten sales cycles, increase win rates, and accelerate revenue growth. Combining Dun & Bradstreet’s largest commercial database with best-in-class prospect intelligence and an intuitive user experience, the solution provides sales and marketing professionals with the dynamic, connected data and analytics they need to go beyond traditional prospecting to more quickly and efficiently engage with customers.

Business-to-business relationships are increasingly digital and data-driven, which means customers are not interacting with sales representatives until late in the buying process. To maximize the value of those interactions, marketing and sales professionals need to align customer-focused efforts, using refined and inter-connected information that is current, tied to buying signals, and delivered with context. D&B Hoovers was built specifically to address the changing needs of B2B sales and marketing teams.

“Businesses of all sizes have the opportunity to grow by better leveraging today’s enhanced software and technology to more quickly drive pipeline, and garner marketing ROI,” said Rishi Dave, chief marketing officer, Dun & Bradstreet. “D&B Hoovers is the best solution for enabling sales and marketing teams to align around the same connected, dynamic data and analytics to make their efforts more impactful, and help them go to market and close deals at a faster rate.”

D&B Hoovers draws on Dun & Bradstreet’s core information assets, including active business records from 30,000 sources in over 200 countries updated 5 million times per day. Users also get access to contact intelligence on 70 million professionals, as well as these key capabilities:

  • Target intelligently: SmartListsÒ dynamically update sellers on top opportunities, business intelligence and analytics, and enable account scoring; and more than 175 search filters create precise targeting while supporting natural-language and conceptual search.
  • Enhance sales productivity: CRM QuickView provides seamless access to account intelligence; desktop dashboards and automated workflow features include triggers, alerts, Ideal Profiles®, and Conceptual Search®; and mobile-ready features support sales and marketing teams on the go.
  • Enable informed conversations: Business SignalsÒ deliver predictive insights based on the deepest and broadest global data coverage; intelligent data is integrated into strategic technology platforms like CRM and marketing automation systems; and real-time triggers keep sellers posted on key business events.

Dun & Bradstreet gained the OneSource technology platform, which powers D&B Hoovers, through the January 2017 acquisition of Avention, a Massachusetts-based company.

D&B Hoovers is available for immediate sale in the US, the UK, and Ireland. For more information, visit

Source: Dun & Bradstreet Press Release