d&b logoAs a part of its on-going efforts to provide a platform for exchange of knowledge, Dun & Bradstreet India organized an HR Series Conclave on “Building a strong talent pipeline” in Pune.  Companies across the world face the challenge of retaining the right people. Irrespective of whether markets are doing well or not, retaining right associates is the key to success of an organization over a long ho­rizon.

Delivering the welcome address, Ms. Preeta Misra, Director – Learning Solutions, Dun & Bradstreet India said, “The HR series con­clave could be put in words as an awareness drive for best HR practices in the cor­porate world.

Expressing his views on the topic, Mr. Mangesh Kulkarni, Vice President – Human Resources & Employee Relations, Piaggio Vehicles Private Limited for HR Pune said, “In times of fierce competition where busi­nesses struggle to thrive and survive, hu­man resource is getting more and more at­tention. While all other resources can be reproduced in equivalent quality and quan­tity, the human resource by its uniqueness pose a challenge to be abundantly available. Process of making human resource avail­able in right quality and quantity is not only a long drawn but also accompanied with uncertainty of outcome at desired level! As it becomes more a more critical for business to have outstanding quality of human talent, such sessions always provide an insightful opportunity to professionals. While such sessions bring together wisdom coming from historical knowledge, real time application of knowledge and the resultant experience goes beyond any book or website.”

Source: D&B India