Earning Reports Q4 2012Moody’s has just released its 4th Quarter and Full Year 2012 results:  In Q4 2012 Moody’s Investor’s Services grew by 43%.  Moody’s Analytics grew by 17%.  Experian’s total Q4 Revenues grew by 4% and Equifax’s total Q4 revenues by 9%.  Marketing services provider Acxiom revenues declined by 3% and Harte-Hanks by 4.8%.

Announcements January 2013In the month of January BIIA tracked 24 announcements on acquisitions, new product introductions, partnerships, international expansion and divestitures.  As in the past year analytics, platforms, software tools and workflow are in the lead by 46%.  The majority of the announcements were acquisitions.

Source:  BIIA Analysis as of February 8th 2013