Financial data intelligence company EDGAR Online is overhauling its services to enable developers to access financial data via APIs. While already offering some API products, financial data services need a fundamental reinvention to enable a new wave of innovation, EDGAR Online President Dave Frankel told ProgrammableWeb.

“Anybody who is looking at public companies and financial disclosures in the United States knows EDGAR Online, we are well known to both institutional and retail investors. Just about anyone who has looked at finance data in the U.S. is familiar with us,” EDGAR Online President Dave Frankel said. He pointed to the data used by Yahoo Finance as an example of how EDGAR Online data services are being used by customers. Frankel spoke with ProgrammableWeb to share insights into why the financial data intelligence service is overhauling its API service delivery framework.

At present, while EDGAR Online offers data access via API, end users need to sign up for paid access to full datasets. The current moves towards reinventing EDGAR Online as an API-enabled enterprise will mean developers can access just the data endpoints they need. Developers will be able to create sample products and test ideas ahead of going to market with a commercial analytics solution built on using EDGAR Online’s financial database. Free access to data via APIs will also be available to allow developers and entrepreneurs to test API calls and experiment with creating new analytics products.