CSteady growth for Elixir, the Czech Republic register of financial advisors

​The register, operated by CRIF – Czech Credit Bureau, was created in 2012 to bring its members information about the quality of financial advisor services. The easy-to-use Elixir register includes information on the qualitative indicators, professional history and outstanding commitments of financial service providers operating in the banking, insurance and brokerage market in the Czech Republic.

Elixir members can improve risk assessment and management through high-quality information solutions, increasing market transparency, creating professional standards, and enhancing the public perception of the financial advisor profession.

The complete collection of information regarding financial advisors turns the database into a powerful tool for human resources management, minimizing the scope for unethical or illegal behavior.  In the last year, the main leading Czech operators, such as Česká spořitelna (ERSTE Group), Česká pojišťovna (Generali Group), Equa Bank, Hypoteční banka (KGC Group) and UniCredit Bank have subscribed to Elixir, demonstrating the concrete benefits of the register.

For more information: www.crif.cz/Solutions/Financial-Advisors-Reporting.aspx