eliisphere 1The new company comprises the former business information units of Coface Servcies:  SCRL and ORT.

Historical information provider market on businesses, Ellisphere meets the challenges of all economic actors, companies and financiers in France and abroad via the BIGNET network. Its solutions are for executives and decision makers from finance departments, sales and purchases of businesses in all sectors.

Ellisphere provides its clients the expertise and commitment of its 370 employees, its proven methods of scoring and private credit rating and its multisource data repository of 13 million units available on a history of 10 years .

In support of ethical values, reliability and seriousness Ellisphere builds innovative solutions to support its customers in developing their business relationships – prospecting, loyalty, risk management – as well as in their funding searches or investment.

Specifically, 10,000 customers have placed their trust in Ellisphere.

Ellisphere is a founding member of professional organizations such as  FIGEC  in France or  FEBIS  at European level, and member of the main professional associations   AFDCC,   GFII,  DFCG  …

Source:  Ellisphere