encompass Has Integrated In Excess of 35 Different Data Sources into One Single Platform, Including the World’s Leading Information Providers, Official Business Registries and Stock Exchange and Regulator Listings.

“We are constantly enhancing our products, by building on our connections to trusted, industry-leading global data sources covering company information, electronic ID verification, AML screening and property. We are proud to continue our commitment to being the industry-leading KYC data aggregation platform globally,” said Kalliopi Tsianou, Product Manager.

Why we are doing it

Ensuring compliance with internal Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter-Terrorist Financing (CTF) policies directly influences every company’s earnings and profits. Discovering complete ownership structure, screening and verifying key stakeholders across the world, is the essential basis for effective KYC. Banks and financial services firms across the globe spend hours traversing multiple data sources in order to gather ownership data from registries and data vendors, establish ultimate beneficial owners (UBO), complete screening checks, carry out identity verification and review adverse news.  With all of this to complete, whilst the customer is waiting to do business, KYC today is costly in both time and money.

encompass enhances collection, analysis and monitoring of data for our customers through unrivalled access to trusted global data sources, ensuring they definitely find beneficial owner/s, conduct AML screening and person identification, delivering the KYC answers they need with unprecedented speed and clarity, therefore providing cost and time efficiencies.

How this gives value

This expansion will allow encompass customers to access registries, regulators, stock exchange listings, government websites and other sources in each of the countries that we are targeting, allowing to build the full picture fast. Being able to connect effortlessly to the most in-depth and relevant data that encompass customers trust, will allow them to make better informed decisions faster.

Source: encompass Blog