Encompass has appointed Jon May, former CEO of market leading KYC utility, kyc.com and global head of Regulatory and Compliance Managed Services at IHS Markit, and Yasmeen Jaffer, former Managing Director and Global Head of Business Development at IHS Markit, as industry advisers.

Jon is currently CEO, and Yasmeen, Partner, of the KYC, Regulatory and Compliance FinTech firm, JJCFinTech.

During his time as CEO of startup kyc.com – a joint venture between IHS Markit and Genpact – Jon grew the company’s client base from 600 to 2,600 companies and 4-15 banks in just two years. Prior to that he enjoyed a successful career at Goldman Sachs where he was Managing Director and Global Head of Client Onboarding for the bank.

Yasmeen Jaffer co-founded JJCFinTech after leaving IHS Markit as a Managing Director, where she spent her career developing a range of industry-led solutions in the KYC, regulatory and compliance space.

Jon and Yasmeen will both advise on encompass confirm – next generation AML and KYC solutions for banking and finance. This will include working with potential clients and partners on how encompass can digitise the KYC process through its robotic search capabilities. In addition, they will bring deep industry perspectives to our teams.  To read the full press release, please click on the link below.

Source: encompass Press Release