Encompass’s search for excellence brought it half-way round the world to Glasgow.

It perhaps wouldn’t be the most obvious switch, but BIIA member Encompass Corporation have made the move from Sydney, Australia, to Glasgow, Scotland. One of the principle reasons for the move has been the support and assistance offered to encompass by Scotland’s Economic Development International.

It is two years since Encompass Corporation established its first office outside Australia in Glasgow, taking advantage of a lively and experienced fintech community, attractive inward investment support and a location that has turned out to be even better than first imagined.

Although only launched in 2012, Encompass had already established a hungry market in Australia for its smart software designed to make vital – and often complex –­­ “know your customer” (KYC) checks for banking, finance, legal and accountancy businesses a seamless and stress-free process. It’s technology that is in increasing demand. Compliance and regulatory standards designed to prevent money-laundering, illegal business and terrorism are constantly evolving; making necessary checks with as little staff time wasted as possible key.

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Source:  The Scotsman