Every Day is Privacy Day says Noga Rosenthal

Data Privacy Day, observed annually on January 28, is an international day of recognition meant to raise awareness and promote the importance of protecting consumer privacy. As a data-driven marketing company, we work hard to foster trust with our clients to ensure their data is protected, and provide consumers with transparency about how their data is being used. We also understand the importance of raising awareness of these values to our associates.

This year, Epsilon recognized Data Privacy Day with a live broadcast of privacy and security expert panels to its associates around the world. The goal of the internal event was to raise awareness about best data protection and security practices around associate’s own personal device use, including their personal online profiles. Epsilon’s live broadcast showcased some of the most prominent privacy and security experts in the world including the FBI, the Unites States Secret Service and leaders of privacy think tanks who discussed topics including how to protect email accounts and how to keep children safe online.

More than 2,500 associates tuned in to learn about privacy for emerging technologies, connected products and personal accounts, such as banking accounts. The outside security and privacy experts provided tips on how to keep children safe in the ever changing digital world and stressed that with the emergence of new technologies, devices and services, comes the need for heightened security knowledge.

New technologies have shaped the need for intensified internet safety awareness for companies and individuals alike. As businesses work to fulfill requirements under new regulations to ensure the protection if consumer data, there are a few simple but important steps individuals can take to protect themselves. Changing passwords often- both at home and in the office- is an easy way to make it more difficult for hackers to gain access to email, social channels and online banking accounts. Additionally, it is crucial to always change default passwords immediately. Lastly, it’s important to be selective and cautious when using social media, as identity theft is a prominent issue in today’s digital environment. By taking these proactive steps, individuals will be a bit more protected from potential data leaks, internet criminals and hackers. Data privacy is at the forefront of our company values and obligations and is the reason why every day is data privacy day at Epsilon.

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Source:  Epsilon Blog