New industry platform offers first seamless integration of data and services to create a more effective automotive journey

Equifax Inc. (NYSE: EFX) announced that it is among the first developers to contribute application programming interfaces (APIs) to the new Fortellis Automotive Commerce Exchange platform. Fortellis enables developers, OEMs and dealers to leverage, build, innovate, and securely integrate solutions and workflows to transform business. The platform was recently brought to the industry by CDK Global (Nasdaq: CDK), a leading enabler of end-to-end automotive commerce.

Equifax successfully published two unique APIs in fewer than five business days in advance of the launch of this game-changing technology platform. Fortellis, a technology “engine” with universal connections and protocols, enables a true exchange of information and data in an open, secure and accessible global network. Equifax will publish additional APIs to help empower end-to-end automotive commerce.

“We are excited to be among the first developers to innovate in this groundbreaking industry community,” said Craig Crabtree, senior vice president and general manager, Automotive Services, Equifax. “We will continue to make investments in APIs as the industry comes together to help solve challenges throughout the vehicle shopping and ownership journey.”

Fortellis helps to enable connections and build communities within the automotive ecosystem. The Fortellis platform offers a universal way to connect multiple technology solutions and innovations more seamlessly into dealer workflows in a collaborative community to work better, faster and smarter — all for an improved customer experience.

“The commitment from Equifax to develop, build and innovate on the Fortellis Developer Network reinforces the value and impact of this platform technology and how it is poised to change automotive commerce and drive the industry well into the future,” said Ron Frey, chief strategy officer, CDK Global. “We are looking forward to continued innovation from Equifax and other leading developers as early adoption of this highly desired platform continues to spread across the industry.”

About Fortellis Automotive Commerce Exchange™ Platform

Fortellis is a technology platform that enables the automotive industry to leverage, build, innovate and integrate solutions and workflows to transform business. The Fortellis platform—with its Developer Network and Marketplace—connects software developers, OEMs and dealers so they can create new and unique experiences efficiently and seamlessly. Visit to learn more.

Source: Equifax Press Release