Equifax 500Equifax formally announced the strengthening of their recent strategic alliance with IHS Automotive, an automotive marketing solutions leader that integrated R. L. Polk & Co. into its business last year.  This alliance creates a unique value proposition for the automotive market and allows both organizations the opportunity to bring deeper insights that empower critical business decisions for automotive lenders, dealers and manufacturers.

With the announcement of a formal alliance, Equifax is also releasing its first jointly developed product with IHS Automotive; Equifax Lost Sales Analysis. This solution captures auto loan application data and uses it to produce analysis of where lenders lost out on deals to their competitors. Lenders are also able to assess how missed opportunities are performing and whether the original offers could have been more competitive.

Additionally, Equifax Lost Sales Analysis allows lenders to better understand the competitive landscape by showing where dealers in their network are sending their business and which auto financers are winning their lost loans. Additionally, lenders will better understand what terms the winning lender offered, and determine if the lost sales would have been a good fit for their portfolio. Equifax Lost Sales Analysis also provides detailed information about customer APR, financed amount, type of loan, vehicle, lender and dealer information when available, and performance metrics such as delinquencies and repossessions.

Source:  Equifax Press Release