Equifax is using Big Data to create new analytics products from 800 billion business and consumer records worldwide. Its CIO David Webb was quoted recently by www.cio.com:, ‘We know more about you than you would care for us to know.’

However Equifax is not alone in this game:  Rivals Experian and TransUnion also are remaking themselves into analytics companies. “Decision analytics is the growth engine for these companies,” says Elizabeth Mason, an analyst at Outsell, a company that studies the information industry. “Yet it’s a shifting landscape. We don’t know yet what the public’s tolerance is for companies mining all of this data really well.”

What has your editor to say about this:  As before it is technology which will change the way we do business and BIG data combined with extreme analytics will be such a game changer.  Many new products and concepts will follow, some of which will be seen by the public as being too intrusive.  As a late reaction to public outcry, privacy advocates and regulators will step in.

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