Equifax 500Partnership creates a fully automated, national collateral (PPSA) management & corporate search and identity services

Equifax Canada Co. and AVS Systems Inc. have entered into a strategic partnership designed to provide end-to-end credit processing solutions.  Equifax is a trusted provider of consumer and commercial credit risk assessment and management solutions.  AVS has developed a comprehensive and robust technology platform that provides direct connectivity to each provincial and territorial personal property registry system and each provincial and federal corporate registry in Canada.  This portal enables automated online lien registration and lifecycle management, along with corporate search capabilities.

Within the rapidly changing financial industry, there is a market need for advanced and comprehensive technology solutions that can access, validate, analyze, archive, and transmit business-critical data. With these capabilities, businesses are better equipped to improve efficiency while ensuring alignment with the changing regulatory environment.

Businesses will benefit immediately with a newly launched PPSA Connect(TM) solution as well as an enhanced Business Confirm(TM) solution. Further work is being done to explore potential opportunities to integrate more data assets and solutions from both organizations to provide better value for clients.

Source:  Equifax Press Release