Equifax Canada® announced the launch of Risk Reveal, the only solution in the Canadian market which leverages both commercial and consumer intelligence for a robust and predictive view of a company, as well as its owners.

Combining the depth of two credit databases in one solution, Risk Reveal brings together credit scores, credit data, legal actions, and collections data for both a corporation and its principals, enabling businesses to assess client risk with greater speed and predictability, helping to minimize the potential for fraud.

“It can be difficult to fully understand the credit worthiness and potential for delinquency for a small business,” notes George Staikos, Director of Commercial Markets at Equifax. “Is the business being funded through the owner’s personal accounts? Or did the owner opt for a business credit card or loan? Or both? Risk Reveal provides a 360-degree view of a small business’ risk.”

Risk Reveal returns a report for the business inquired upon, and reports for up to three owners/guarantors, as well as a commercial and a consumer delinquency score which predicts the likelihood that a business will become severely delinquent (non-payment for 90 days or greater, in the next 12 months). That data is distilled into a dual risk score that helps businesses adjudicate customers better and faster while reducing write offs.

“This solution, the first in Canada, provides a greater understanding of true credit risk,” says Staikos. “Risk Reveal enables businesses to keep profits on track and risk in check.”

Source: Equifax Canada