The majority acquisition of Mapcity aims to add deeper insights and capabilities through geographic data to Equifax’s wide range of solutions, powering its customers to make better business decisions.

Equifax Chile announced the acquisition of majority ownership of Mapcity Geo, making it the leading geo-referencing services company in Chile and Peru. The incorporation of Mapcity will allow Equifax to expand its set of solutions that, through the use of socio-economic information and geographic analysis, will enhance its customers’ strategic decisions.

“This is an important step in our journey to evolve into an insights provider, allowing our customers to more strategically leverage our best-in-class geographic solutions to make better business decisions,” explains Carlos Johnson, general manager of Equifax Chile.

Mapcity is a Chilean company with more than 20 years of experience in the market and a presence in five countries in the region. The combination of Mapcity’s geographic data with Equifax’s analytical capabilities will empower the delivery of unprecedented insights to help customers develop more targeted credit campaigns, better identify potential new store locations, and more accurately understand the markets in which they operate. The acquisition will also allow Equifax to provide an enhanced user experience and stronger business results for its customers.

“For Mapcity, it is a great honor to become part of a global company such as Equifax. Through this acquisition, we will enhance our solutions, providing more robust and deeper insights for companies in the region, as well as being able to   compete in markets that were once out of reach,” said Roberto Camhi, Executive Director and Founder of Mapcity.

Additionally, Johnson highlighted the professionalism and industry knowledge of the business executives of Mapcity. “We are very excited with both welcoming this team to Equifax, and adding a new data asset to our portfolio. Solidifying our market leadership and continuing to provide our customers with an unmatched suite of solutions and industry expertise are central to our business practices,” he added.

Source: Equifax Press Release