Equifax announced the availability of Equifax Contact Link, its single-source business-to-business e-mail prospecting solution that provides sales and marketing professionals access to an expansive collection of business contact data to better target appropriate buyers and influencers.

Contact Link serves as an important tool for B2B marketers to deliver better value with less marketing risk. Using standardized data fields, the tool creates profile hierarchies designed to streamline list building and maximize record matches. Marketing and sales professionals can use the profiles to identify, evaluate and refine audience selection for properly aligned, better performing email campaigns.

“Email prospecting has evolved from pulling prospect lists and sending batch emails only to a much more targeted, precision-driven approach,” saidDennis Behrman, Equifax Associate Vice President of Product Management. “Equifax Contact Link delivers the business contact card information marketers and sales people need to target prospects more effectively, including hard bounce-back protection, to help quickly, efficiently optimize campaign performance.”

Equifax Contact Link key benefits include:

  • Ability to target individuals by function and rank within an organization
  • Hard bounce-back protection so you don’t pay for email addresses that do not exist
  • Multiple data format delivery options to fit your business needs and existing technology capabilities
  • Single source access to business contact data so there is no need for de-duping, overlap tracking or managing multiple vendors
  • Ability to append existing contact data to existing, risk-based lists

Source: Equifax